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Indonesia have thousands of islands and one of the biggest island is Sumatera island. There are some interest place in Sumatra and this time our trip goes to Padang and Bukittinggi, which have became two tourist destinations at West Sumatera.

Day 1,

Jakarta – Padang – Bukittinggi

Flight from Jakarta landed at Minangkabau International Airport, Padang in the mid day. Before continuing our trip to Bukittinggi, we visited Pondok Makan Devi, which famous for sea food with Padang recipe, which mean using herbs and spices for lunch. Mmmh it’s so delicious although it’s spicy.

After lunch, we go to Bukittinggi, and get through 3 lakes, Diateh lake (Upper Lake), Dibawah lake (Below Lake) and Singkarak lake.

Lake Diateh and Lake Dibawah located at Alahan Panjang, Solok district also known as twin lakes because there are nearby and unique because they have the contradiction meaning in fact because Lake Diateh is located below Lake Dibawah actually.

The other are Singkarak Lake (the second’s largest lake in Sumatra after the famous Lake Toba in North Sumatra).

Lake Singkarak is famous for the annual bicycle road race, Tour de Singkarak.

You can eat Bilis fish (which lives in Lake Singkarak) at the restaurant along side the lake. We arrive after sunset and no more open restaurant, so we just passed by this long lasting lake.

Today we have our dinner at Aie Badarun Restaurant, located at Jalan Padang Panjang Bukittinggi. It’s provide Padang styles food (including balado beef jerky) and famous for its bubur Kampiun (Champion porridge), too.

When you enter the restaurant you will find the various porridges are display likes marrow porridge, green bean porridge, black sticky rice porridge, pomegranate porridge, candil porridge and banana porridge. All the porridge (or you can choose what to mix) will be serve as Champion porridge (Bubur Kampiun).


Like any Padang style restaurant, they usually display various food at the table in front of you, and you don’t have to eat all the food in the display dishes, just pick what do you want to eat.

Wash basin water provided to cleaning our hand (if you eat with your hand) before washing our hand at the sink.

First day closing by spend the night at Grand Rocky Hotel, Bukittinggi.


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