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Nasi Jamblang (Jamblang Rice) is a favorite culinary option for domestic tourist and Cirebon residence, too. They have their favorite Nasi Jamblang sellers such as Mang Dul or Ibu Nur.

Mang Dul is located at Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo No. 58, in front of Grage Mall. It use teak leaf as a plate and have many side dish option. The stall is not big, and always full.

The seller will give you white rice on the teak leaf and you can choose what do you want to eat.

Another seller, Ibu Nur located at Jl. Cangkring 2 No. 34, Cirebon and it’s bigger than Mang Dul shop.

And here are main course and side dish option at Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur

When we were at Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur, the restaurant was very crowded and we don’t have any table anymore and we used long bench as seen above and we still enjoy our foods.


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