24 Hours In Seattle

pike place market

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by irkusnardi

Before heading to Vancouver BC, we spend 1 night in Seattle. Actually it’s not enough time to explore Seattle in 24 hours, because Seattle have many list thing to do. We create our compact itinerary to fulfill our interest in this city.We choose to stay at The Westin Seattle Hotel at 5th Avenue. This hotel have good location, near Pike Market, next to the restaurant and shopping area.

Pike Place Market

We put this famous market as our first destination at Seattle. From our hotel, this market only 8 minutes walked.

This public market is one of the oldest farmer’s market in USA and become the famous tourist destination in Seattle.

The lower level you can find some collectibles, comics, some small restaurant. The upper street level there are fruits and vegetables seller

In front of Pike Market, there is a bakery with a long line queue and it attracted me to find out. Even though this bakery is small, but they sell different type of it. They sell the fresh from oven and trust me, it’s delicious.

The First Starbucks

This is the first official Starbucks store. Many tourist come here just to take photo or get the original Starbucks experience.

The first Starbucks store

The Gum Wall

This wall make me interesting. How come a wall full of chewing gum can become tourist attraction. I think it has strong smell, but my prediction is wrong because the smell is not strong.

Kerry Park

One of the best view to see Seattle is from this public park. You can see the Space Needle and downtown skyscrapers from here.

After sightseeing in Kerry Park, we continue our journey to Vancouver, BC