3 Days Exploring South New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

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New Zealand the Southern nation in the globe, located in the south east of Australia. New Zealand is famous for it’s beautiful natural landscape. I have put New Zealand in my travel list long ago.

There are 2 biggest island in New Zealand, the North Island and the South Island. Both islands have their different wonderful and charming landscape.

I have a chance to have a trip to Southern New Zealand, and here are my itinerary.

3 days trip Southern New Zealand


New Zealand have their own currency, New Zealand Dollar. Want to know your exchange rate? Here is the currency calculator.

Electricity and Internet

New Zealand electricity runs at 230/240 Volt and use two or three pin plug. For more information read this information.

Day 1, Christchurch to Lake Tekapo

After flown long distance journey from Singapore finally I landed at Christchurch. Christchurch is one of the largest city in the South Island and have many option for what to do and what to see.  You can search your activity here.

This time Christchurch just for transit before going to Lake Tekapo. I choose my first stop at Christchurch Botanic Garden, because I want to take a deep fresh breathe after long hours in the flight.

A gentle breeze accompanied my journey in this garden.

After filling my lung with fresh air and refreshing my eye with the green grass and colorful flowers, we continue to Cashmere Hill Lookout, where we could have the best Christchurch panoramic view.

Cashmere Hills

Cashmere New Zealand
View from Cashmere Hills

Cashmere is a Southern Christchurch’s suburb where the higher income live. From here we can see the panorama of Christchurch.

Lake Tekapo

From Cashmere Hill our journey continue to Tekapo Lake, and along the journey as far as my eyes can see there are blue sky with vast green landscape which sometimes decorated by cows, horses and sheep.

Finally we arrived Lake Tekapo in the evening, and the blue sky reflected in the Lake Tekapo surface.

There are a church near Lake Tekapo, named Church of The Good Shepherd. It was built to memorized the pioneers of the Mackenzie Country, and the building is still sturdy with neatly arranged stone

Church of The Good Shepherd

Bronze Sheep Dog Statue

Another sign on the Lake Tekapo is a Bronze Sheep Dog statue to memorized the clever Friday (the name of the dog) which already serve the Mackenzie to drove flocks of sheep inland and for memorial to the service of sheepdog.

Before check in to our resort, we had dinner at restaurant near Lake Tekapo and this is our dinner set menu, the taste is delicious and the hot soup keep my body warm

lake tekapo
Dinner Set

We finished our first day at Peppers Bluewater Resort Lake Tekapo.

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Day 2, Lake Tekapo to Queenstown

We have a little cloudy this morning but it don’t make me disappoint, I can enjoy the fresh air, take a deep breath and look around the resort. This is the morning view of our resort

Before starting our journey, I have to take my breakfast first. A cup of corn cereal with milk, honey spread bread, and aha I found tempeh, an Indonesian traditional food, and apple juice.

breakfast at bluewater resort hotel

Mmmh I like New Zealand milk and honey, it’s very delicious.

Mrs. Jones’s Fruit Stall

Today we want to go to Queenstown for our next stop.

During that journey we stop by at Mrs. Jones’s Fruit Stall in Cromwell, where we can buy some fruit and vegetables. Besides Fruit Stall they have orchard garden, too.

Kawarau Bridge

Our journey continue to Kawarau Bridge Bungy, where you can challenge your courage through bungy jumping experience from 43 m high and touch the river water at the end.

This river below Kawarau Bridge is used to be a Gold mining as you can read at the history of Kawarau Bridge


Finally arrived at Queenstown at the evening. Queenstown is known for it’s adventure and ski tourism.

We spend the night at Novotel Queenstown Lakeside in the heart of the city. Form Hotel I can walk to Lake Wakatipu, where I can feel the fresh air and as far as I see was the blue sky and beautiful lake views. Seeing this beautiful natural view made me felt blessed to be here.

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Day 3, Queenstown to Milford Sound through Mirror Lake

Today, I started my journey from Hotel to Skyline, where I can view Queenstown from above. This Gondola open for public from September 1987 and from this Gondola I can saw Lake Wakatipu with the greatest depth is 372 m, Queenstown city, Queenstown Bay and Queenstown Gardens. What a wonderful view.

Mirror Lake

Our journey continue to Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake named after the reflection of the sky and make the surface like a mirror. Lucky for me that I can see the rainbow at Mirror Lake.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound located in the Fiordland National Park, it’s very beautiful with their cliffs and waterfalls scenery, You can get around the lake on a boat or by helicopter. But in my opinion the best experience to see the beautiful waterfall by boat cruise.

Although it was cloudy and I got some light rain here, I still can saw the beautiful scenery and waterfall. I think this is the perfect place for relax.

3 days was not enough for exploring Southern part of New Zealand, there are many beautiful place to visit but I have to say goodbye to this beautiful island.