3 famous snacks from Tegal

Last Updated on July 4, 2020 by irkusnardi

Tahu Aci and Tahu Pletok

Fried tofu is a commond snack in Indonesia, one of them are Tahu (Fried tofu) Aci and Tahu (Fried tofu) Pletok.

Although both use fried tofu with starch flour extracted from cassava tubers, fried tofu with aci is serving with triangle size, and pletok fried tofu is serving with rectangular size, using 3 (three) aci fried tofu as pictures below and you have to buy both to compare what is your favorite one.

We can find this famous fried tofu at several Javanese Restaurants in other cities including Jakarta,


Watching television is more fun when Pilus is near you, likes chewing pop corn when you watching movies. When you chewing this small round shape, it will sounds likes you chewing peanut or pop corn. Pilus is likes pop corn, it’s hard to stop eating.

It consists of wheat flour, starch, garlic and chives. It’s a home industry at Tegal and Slawi.


Tempel Cake

The other cake is Tempel cake. It looks like pancake.

It consist of banana with rice flour and palm sugar and cooked with firewood.

As I known they are 2 (two) sellers at Tegal, only.

Both of them are street vendors opens from 10 am to 2 pm, it’s more delicious to eat when fresh from the pan.


Don’t forget to try eating those famous snacks during your visit to Tegal or where you find this kind of snacks in Indonesia.