Baluran National Park, what to see at Indonesian savana?

Africa in Java is the other name of Baluran National Park, located at the East Java near Situbondo and Banyuwangi. Name after the mount Baluran, this park have been protected since Dutch colonial government and at 1980 became Indonesian first national park.

This national park protected some flora and fauna, especially to protect Bull "Banteng in Indonesian" population which decreasing very fast in number. This national park also known as Africa in Java.

There is an accommodation if travelers want to stay and enjoying this national park, too.


Prepare to bring a hat or an umbrella to protect the sun heat, a bottle of drink water, and some snacks .

Baluran National Park

We arrived when summer time (August) and there are no green grass in the above view and we found some monkey alongside the road ask for food.

Bama Beach

Bama beach located inside Baluran National Park and there are some boat to travel alongside the beach and you can see the beautiful of coral reef.

How about Sunset? Bama Beach is the perfect location to see the Sunset, too.

So, don't miss this national park when visiting Banyuwangi and the other nearest destination is Mt. Ijen to view the Ijen Crater and their blue fire.

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