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bakso kikil pak jaka bogor

Are you going to Bogor Botanical Garden or are you looking for some food & beverages when visiting Bogor?

Bogor, 60 km from Jakarta have a hidden gem culinary at Surya Kencana (SurKen) Street.

Alongside intersection Surya Kencana Street and Gang Aut, there are many restaurant, food court and food stall, where you can easily find and some of them with long queue.

This blog suggest you what local foods and drinks you should try when visiting Bogor. Although everyone has their own tastes, this blog review the famous and most wanted at Surken Street.

Soto Kuning pak Yusup


There are plenty Soto Kuning seller alongside this street but the most wanted one is pak Yusup near the intersection with Gang Aut. This place usually have a long queue.

The yellow color in the soup came from turmeric combine with coconut milk and other spices that make a delicious taste. There are chili sauce, sweet soy sauce and lime to make the perfect taste of Soto Kuning if you like.

We can choose pieces of meat, and “kikil” (a part of the beef’s foot that used as a food ingredient in Indonesia), tripe, intestine, tongue, spleen, brain and others that will be processed with a special yellow sauce from turmeric with coconut milk and various other spices that give a good taste.


Bakso Kikil

bakso kikil pak jaka bogor

Bakso or meatball is a common food in Indonesia, there are many types of meatball seller. At Surya Kencana Street, Bakso Kikil Pak Jaka is the most wanted one. It consists of vermicelli, meatball and “kikil” (a part of the beef’s foot that used as a food ingredient in Indonesia). Because it’s a street food, you can’t find any table here, the seller provides plastic chairs for you.


Asinan Bogor

It is called Asinan because the vegetables and or fruits will be salting with salt or acidification with vinegar. The spicy and sour sauce is sweet and refreshing for the day. You can choose the vegetables and fruits you like.


Chicken Satay

sate ayam

Mmmh, the chicken meat is so tender and well done, the peanut sauce is delicious, too and usually there are a queue line when lunch time.


Bir Kocok (Shaking Beer)

bir kocok, bir kotjok, bir pletok

This is a Bogor traditional beer, consists of ginger, cinnamon and brown sugar. It’s called bir kotjok because the seller shaking all the ingredients to mix this beverages.

So, have you decide what kind of food do you wanna try?



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