Lembah Tumpang
Lembah Tumpang, home of replica statues and historical sculptures

Indonesia is known for Bali Island, the place we can see the beautiful beaches and creative Bali’s art and culture. Not far from Bali, about 70 minutes fly from Denpasar, Bali or 2 hours driving from Surabaya, you have reach Malang city in East Java, where Lembah Tumpang located. Lembah Tumpang, one of Malang’s travel […]

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Baluran National Park, what to see at Indonesian savana?

Africa in Java is the other name of Baluran National Park, located at the East Java near Situbondo and Banyuwangi. Name after the mount Baluran, this park have been protected since Dutch colonial government and at 1980 became Indonesian first national park. This national park protected some flora and fauna, especially to protect Bull “Banteng […]

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Nasi Lengko, breakfast option at Tegal

Nasi Lengko (Lengko rice) is my favorite breakfast when visiting or passby Tegal, Central Java. We can find nasi lengko sellers from restaurant to food stall and street vendors, also. It contains white rice, bean sprouts, tofu slices, tempeh slices, cucumber slices, sprinkles with yellow crackers then poured with peanut sauce. Mmmh its delicious. Although […]

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3 famous snacks from Tegal

Tahu Aci and Tahu Pletok Fried tofu is a commond snack in Indonesia, one of them are Tahu (Fried tofu) Aci and Tahu (Fried tofu) Pletok. Although both use fried tofu with starch flour extracted from cassava tubers, fried tofu with aci is serving with triangle size, and pletok fried tofu is serving with rectangular […]

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