bakso kikil pak jaka bogor
Bogor Food

Are you going to Bogor? Are you looking for some to eat when visiting Bogor? Bogor, 60 km from Jakarta have a hidden gem culinary at Surya Kencana (SurKen) Street. Alongside intersection Surya Kencana Street and Aut Street (known as Gang Aut), there are many restaurant, food court and food stall. This is Bogor traditional […]

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Nasi Jamblang, Cirebon favorite culinary

When travelling in the North Shore Java, Indonesia and feeling hunger when arrive at Cirebon, I have suggestion to looking for Nasi Jamblang (Jamblang Rice), a favorite culinary option for domestic tourist and Cirebon residence, too. I usually visit Mang Dul or Ibu Nur, both are serve the delicious Nasi Jamblang. Both places usually got […]

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Nasi Lengko, breakfast option at Tegal

Nasi Lengko (Lengko rice) is my favorite breakfast when visiting or passby Tegal, Central Java. We can find nasi lengko sellers from restaurant to food stall and street vendors, also. It contains white rice, bean sprouts, tofu slices, tempeh slices, cucumber slices, sprinkles with yellow crackers then poured with peanut sauce. Mmmh its delicious. Although […]

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3 famous snacks from Tegal

Tahu Aci and Tahu Pletok Fried tofu is a commond snack in Indonesia, one of them are Tahu (Fried tofu) Aci and Tahu (Fried tofu) Pletok. Although both use fried tofu with starch flour extracted from cassava tubers, fried tofu with aci is serving with triangle size, and pletok fried tofu is serving with rectangular […]

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