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Ice Cendol (in West Java) or Ice Dawet (in Central Java) is one of Indonesian dessert, every district have different style of Ice Cendol and it’s easily found in every Java island cities.

When I was travelling to Surakarta, Cendol was in my food list and I was looking Cendol to Gede Market, the big traditional market in Surakarta. Why I have to go to Gede Market? In my opinion I can find many  type of Surakarta culinary here, and… yes, I found Ice Cendol. The Ice Cendol food stall located in the enterance gate, so it’s very easy to found

Cendol is made by green rice flour jelly pour with coconut milk and palm sugar (brown sugar). We can add some topping as well as marrow porridge, black sticky rice and basil seeds.

This is the yummy Surakarta dessert, Ice Cendol (Dawet) very delicious


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