Emie, one of my favorite noodles

Last Updated on September 28, 2019 by irkusnardi

I am a noodle lovers, i like to try various type of noodles such as Ramen, Hokkien noodles, Udon, Soba noodles, etc. 

Chinese society believes that when he/she celebrate his/her birthday, he/she has to eat noodles for his/her longlevity and luck because noodles are long.

When I go around Pluit, I found Emie, one of the noodles types and it’s Medan’s (North Sumatra capital city) type of noodles and it has various name likes “mie rebus Medan” or “mie keling (keling noodles)”.

They called “keling” because rumors said that the recipe comes from Indian society, who lived in Medan and their skin color is brown. Emie consists of rounded yellow noodles with bean sprouts, ebi (dried small shripm), fried onion, sometimes with tofu and pour with brown sauce. It’s very tasty…