Lembah Tumpang, home of replica statues and historical sculptures

Lembah Tumpang

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Indonesia is known for Bali Island, the place we can see the beautiful beaches and creative Bali’s art and culture. Not far from Bali, about 70 minutes fly from Denpasar, Bali or 2 hours driving from Surabaya, you have reach Malang city in East Java, where Lembah Tumpang located.

Lembah Tumpang, one of Malang’s travel destination is 40 minutes drive from Malang city. Lembah Tumpang located in remote area at Dusun Glanggang, Jl. Slamet Gg. Gumuk Agung, Tumpang district, Malang.

What do you expected when visiting Lembah Tumpang?

This area gives you fell like live back to the Kingdom era. Find some replica statues and historical sculptures from the history of ancients Indonesian Kingdoms like Singosari Kingdom and Majapahit Kingdom here. If you got there with your family, there are 6 swimming pool with different style, Flying Fox at Dino Park and Nararya Playground that suitable for children. This location is offering lodging, as well. Do you fell hungry? Find several cafes to fulfill your stomach. They have a small Borobudur Temple replica, too.

lembah tumpang

The 2020 entrance fee is Rp. 60.000,- (+/- USD 4) .

For update information visit Lembah Tumpang Website.

From the entrance you find the natural view here, find the replica statue and sculpture in the left and right side. 

Lembah Tumpang

Then you will find an eye catching Temple in your right side, that is Gito Temple. You can stop and walking around this building.

Lembah Tumpang

Go on your journey, then you will find more replica statue like this photo below.

And there are some guard that protect Lembah Tumpang.

So, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit here and enjoy the Kingdom era here. For you who have interest in photography, Lembah Tumpang is your best target to get your best pictures.


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