Soto Ayam Khas Semarang Pak Man

Soto Ayam Khas Semarang Pak Man

Last Updated on November 27, 2020 by irkusnardi

Do you have any idea what to eat or where do you want to go to eat when you are visiting Semarang? Semarang the capital city of Central Java Province have many types of foods and one of the common local food is Chicken Soup or in Indonesian, they called Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto).

There are many Chicken Soto sellers and one of them, Soto Ayam Pak Man. Soto Ayam Pak Man have many branches and their taste is the same wherever you eat.


What’s in the Indonesian Chicken Soup?

Indonesian chicken soup (Soto Ayam) consists of

  • rice noodles;
  • fried slice potatoes;
  • shredded chicken and
  • pour with chicken broth.   




Usually they mix the Chicken Soto with white rice or usually called Mix Chicken Soto or you order the separated white rice to chicken soto. To add the deliciousness of this chicken soto, there are several side dishes that can be ordered as a companion to chicken soto, usually. Do you know what their several dishes they have? It likes potato cake, fried tofu, fried tempeh, and chicken intestine satay, quail egg satay if you like, too. And don’t forget to have Indonesian Crackers (kerupuk in Indonesian), too as a companion of eating chicken soto .



Do you interested? Come and try Soto Ayam