breakfast at Soto Bopet Rajawali, Padang

Want to looking for some breakfast idea when visiting Padang? If you stay at accommodation that serving breakfast that is fine, but if there is no breakfast?

I got some idea to chek in at Soto Bopet Rajawali. This restaurant serving a tasteful soto, a traditional Indonesian food consists of broth, meat and vegetables.

It is usual when entering this restaurant and found some waiting guest looking for a table, I have to wait for 10 minutes before i got the table.

Because of that waiting line, I believe that this restaurant is worth visiting.

I ordered Soto Daging (meat soup) with rice and fired lung for main course. The soto do not contain coconut milk or it's clear soup and I ordered Talua Tea, which is West Sumatra traditional tea, also.

I mix the rice with the soto. The broth is delicious and the meat is tender, so the fried lung.

Soto Padang + Paru Goreng

Do you ever drink Talua Tea? Talua tea is made from yolks, sweetened condensed milk mix with tea, they use lime to get rid of fish odor, too

Talua Tea

 This is my best breakfast option when visiting Padang. Wanna try?